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[kahr-buh n]
The Karbon concept originated from the science behind the element. All organic things are considered “carbon-based”. Its found amongst you, its found amongst me, it something that is built within us and everything around us. The physical properties of Karbon are so diverse, they couldn't be more further apart. You have graphite which is dark and opaque while a diamond is highly transparent. Graphite is soft, while the diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material known. The diversity of Karbon is key!
The most special thing about Karbon is that to truly know the properties its not enough to study it in isolation. You have to subject it to heat, pressure, and interaction with other elements for long enough to discover the extent of its capacities. Is there a closer metaphor to life than this? This is life and this is KRBN.
KRBN refers to the community, the people, the diversity. Thats always been our passion. Its not just about clothing its about drawing people together. Bringing the youth, culture and community together and experiencing the special bonds that can come from this.
We want KRBN to encourage our youth to express and accept their individualism and educate them to protect themselves.
The idea is of KRBN is not to compete. The idea is to maximise the potential of what we are doing, and tell our story as we take this journey. Thats the goal.  
If you're here reading this, we just want to thank you for taking the time to be a part of our journey. 


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